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"this [company] has ENORMOUS ambitions."

Chicago Tribune

work with us

We build our projects out of relationships with artists, an appreciation of their work and processes, and an understanding of where they want to go. We are always interested in getting to know emerging and established artists, and welcome opportunities to see their work firsthand!

No matter your artistic specialty, we're interested to hear why you'd like to work with us, and what new territory you're hoping to explore or what artistic challenges you're looking to take on!


email scripts(at)thesideproject(dot)net | mail ATTN: Literary

If you send a full script, please include a synopsis.


email casting(at)thesideproject(dot)net | mail ATTN: Casting

Please include information about current or upcoming projects - we make great efforts to see as much as we can!


email directors(at)thesideproject(dot)net | mail ATTN: Directing

Because of our unique mission of pairing projects with artists, we generally are interested in learning about you rather than particular pieces you are looking to direct, and as such we'd prefer to hear about your work thus far and how you are looking to stretch yourself in future projects. However, if you feel you have a piece that would be an interesting challenge for a world-premiere team of collaborators, we're happy to explore the possibility!


email designers(at)thesideproject(dot)net | mail ATTN: Designing

Give us a sense of your work - with photos, research materials, etc. - or a link to online portfolio if applicable! We'd love to hear how you're looking to expand your skills or the creative ground you're looking to break.

Volunteer Opportunities

Production Help & Crew

email production(at)thesideproject(dot)net | mail ATTN: Production

As we are constantly pushing our limits creatively, we're constantly in need of folks with technical skill to assist with building, painting, hanging, focusing and more! Please include a description of your skills and experience, as well as any areas of expertise!


email internships(at)thesideproject(dot)net | em>mail ATTN: Internships

We don't have a formal internship program, but we're always looking to help those looking to gain hands-on experience in storefront theatre production, management or marketing. Tell us about your interests, goals and skills - as well as the timeframe you're looking at - and we'll get back to you about possible opportunities!

Physical mail should be sent to:

the side project, 1439 W Jarvis, Chicago, IL 60626