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"... the youthful, bare-bones operation that has staged laudable work in recent seasons ..."

Chicago Sun-Times


the side project sessions

Our goal is to create transcendant theatrical moments by creating relationships with Chicago's most innovative and engaging artists, and building projects and a process around them which allows each of them to push into new creative territory, forge new artistic partnerships, and reach greater heights in hyper-intimate theatre

And it always starts with a conversation.

The side project sessions are a window into that crucial part of the process - and give you an insight into where these artists come from, how the work gets done, what inspires them, and where they want to go.

[session 1] Intro & Jesse Weaver, Actor, Director & Playwright [10:45]

posted 2-2-2010

[session 2] Carolyn Klein, Actor & Director [6:28]

posted 4-1-2010