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"...If you've yet to discover the side project theatre company in Rogers Park, don't wait any longer... the side project regularly produces exquisite plays that leave audiences wonderstruck."

Pioneer Press


the side project sessions

Our goal is to create transcendant theatrical moments by creating relationships with Chicago's most innovative and engaging artists, and building projects and a process around them which allows each of them to push into new creative territory, forge new artistic partnerships, and reach greater heights in hyper-intimate theatre

And it always starts with a conversation.

The side project sessions are a window into that crucial part of the process - and give you an insight into where these artists come from, how the work gets done, what inspires them, and where they want to go.

[session 1] Intro & Jesse Weaver, Actor, Director & Playwright [10:45]

posted 2-2-2010

[session 2] Carolyn Klein, Actor & Director [6:28]

posted 4-1-2010