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"For aficionados of artistic theatre in small black-box settings, this is one of the most interesting theatre companies in town."


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Two boys have an unsettling discovery on Michigan Avenue; mysterious sounds emanate from a Chinese food shop; Wonder Woman seeks a change of costume; Batman lets himself go; and Carl Havoc tries to live up to his name as the local NIMBY/Supervillain. Join the cast of characters that also includes regular hecklers at a soda shop, overzealous customers at a travel agency, a boy who earns a most unfortunate nickname, an unorthodox psychiatrist, the man in the little blue sombrero, and Walsh, the life of the party at the hardware storeǃ?

In addition, the Monstersǃ٠latest Chicago Short Comedy Video and Film Festival entries, ǃ?AinǃÙt She a Stitchǃ? and ǃ?Jupiter Bluesǃ? will be screened, along with classics ǃ?The Adventures of the 6ǃÙ1ǃ? Manǃ? and ǃ?Perfect Audience.ǃ?

Monsters from the Id in "Bizarre Bazaar"

written and directed by

October 25-November 16, 2002

Fridays-Saturdays at 10:30 p.m.