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"Under the wing of its artistic director and founder, Adam Webster, the side project has delivered another provocative success. Ten one-act plays, linked by their exploration of 'the human condition at the peak of adversity,' offer fleeting insights into failure and desire"

Windy City Times

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Listed on 5 "Best Shows of 2004" lists
"Highly Recommeded!" - Chicago Sun Times
"Critic's Pick!" - Windy City Times
"Three-and-a-Half-Stars!" - GayChicago
"Transcends the original" - Lerner Newspapers
"Packs a punch" - Chicago Tribune
"Powerful" - Loyola Phoenix
"Surreally Magical" - The DePaulia

Danielle O'Farrell, Jamie Matthews, .Jennifer K. Goode, Sean Bolger, Veronica Sheaffer, Melissa Riemer, Greg Beam, Shawn Galligan, Tom Lally, Kipp Moorman, Brian Kilborn, Catherina Kusch, Vicky Saccamonto, Courtney Abbott

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets

by Stephen Crane
directed by Jimmy McDermott

October 21-December 19, 2004