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"Under the wing of its artistic director and founder, Adam Webster, the side project has delivered another provocative success. Ten one-act plays, linked by their exploration of 'the human condition at the peak of adversity,' offer fleeting insights into failure and desire"

Windy City Times

Production Detail


The women of Greece band together to withhold sex in Artistic Director Adam Webster's brisk, contemporary retelling of Aristophanes' anti-war comedy. The side project revisits its inaugural 2001 production, just in time for the election cycle. It doesn't take a village, it takes a woman. And check out the magistrate's hair.

Dean Beever, Brianna Buckley, Amanda Forman, Laura Resinger, Christina Jones,
Maximillian Lapine, Aaron Lockman, Meredith Rae Lyons, Jake Meyer, Andrew Rathgeber,
Shariba Rivers, Josh Servantez, and Heather Smith.


16th Anniversary Production

Adapted by
Adam Webster

Directed by
Charlie Marie McGrathwritten and directed by

JUNE 23 - JULY 24, 2016

thru Saturdays @ 8pm
Sundays @ 3pm