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"Under the wing of its artistic director and founder, Adam Webster, the side project has delivered another provocative success. Ten one-act plays, linked by their exploration of 'the human condition at the peak of adversity,' offer fleeting insights into failure and desire"

Windy City Times

Production Detail


the side project hosts the Charles Flynn Society as they present their Paranormal Review, which the emotional discussion leader Frank humbly, and aptly, describes as 'not so much a play as a series of isolated events.' The evening includes a re-enactment of The Invisible Man; a disturbing, to say the least, Norwegian video, procured by member Mark Hampton; a recreation of the afterlife that debunks the normal "'sense of peace' put forward by Kubler Ross and her whole weak sister crew" according to CFS member and former NASA scientist Benjamin Fleets; and three entries from Charles Flynn (1922-1978) himself, including two 'minute plays' about spirit-medium Silly Billy, and a beat poem called, Youth. Shadow puppets, a talking armchair and scurvey also have cameos.

The Paranormal Review

An Evening of One Acts written and directed by

March 7 - March 29, 2003