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"['What Happened When' is] a work of spare and haunting power...generating an air of Pinterian menace."

Time Out Chicago

Cut to the Quick: Static/Cling

An Evening of One Acts

November 16 -
December 21, 2008

"['What Happened When' is] a work of spare and haunting power...generating an air of Pinterian menace." (TIME OUT CHICAGO)

"...revelatory dialogue. Layers are peeled back to uncover something painfully sinister..."
"...lyrical language...a sad and lovely snapshot of warmth in the midst of confronting desertion."
"['frag' is] a deceptively funny glimpse at a terrifying family dilemma...devastating...challenging...fascinating...a riveting pressure cooker." (CHICAGOSTAGEREVIEW.COM)

"['Moot' is] crisp and literary and mysterious..."
"...a loud, rough and tumble tale..." (NEW CITY)

"CRITIC'S CHOICE! Expertly curated...incisive marvels of verbal economy." (CHICAGO READER)

"Kudos...exactly what November and December require." (TIME OUT CHICAGO)

"3 1/2 STARS. A theatrical event deserving of much attention. Should not be missed." (CHICAGOSTAGEREVIEW.COM)

"FOUR STARS. Brief, wickedly dark plays...strikingly original and chilling...a revelatory thrill." (TIME OUT CHICAGO)

"Reinforc[es] the side project's status as one of the city's premiere storefront destinations." (TIME OUT CHICAGO)

stories of fractured families

moot by Matthew Ira Swaye, directed by Gina LoPiccolo
A man who throws off his family name finds he can't take it back for a weekend in this world premiere noir that contemplates - is anything broken to be made whole again?

frag by Michael John Garces, directed by Joanie Schultz
A family with a tenuous grip on stability breaks into pieces when the mother suspects that one of her sons may be responsible for a terrible crime. What is betrayal? What is right? What is truth? Is anything? A world premiere from Los Angeles's Cornerstone Theatre Company's Artistic Director Michael John Garces, directed by Joanie Schultz, who helmed last year's Faster.

What Happened When... by Daniel Talbott, directed by Anna C. Bahow
Behind a closed door in an old rundown house, two brothers wait for the snow to start falling outside. Their conversation, at first filled with stories of their family and townsfolk, turns to an unraveling of memory and secrets that lead to a new beginning for one and a release for the other. From the playwright of last year's acclaimed Slipping.